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Simon Whitfield

My paintings are inspired by the solid immovable motifs the artist returns to continually, often rebuffed by the elements; but always to be discovered afresh in a different season or mood. Crag,rock, the wilderness of the high fell which quietly awaits discovery. What moves me is the solitude, an intense primordial quiet broken only by the iron clank of scree and boulder, skylarks wheeling and the hard metallic croak of ravens.

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Herdy Study II


SWHI 406

Herdwick III


SWHI 407

Herdwick II


SWHI 401



SWHI 404



SWHI 343

Lakeland Dusk


SWHI 397

Bowfell & Three Tarns


SWHI 366

Blue Shadows Dow Crag


SWHI 365

On Striding Edge


SWHI 408

Pillar and Ennerdale from Great Gable


SWHI 349

Catbells and Vale of Keswick


SWHI 418